Commercial recycling

Image shows three rubbish bins and a rubbish bag on road side.

We provide an optional recycling collection and food waste service for local businesses, with a focus on long-term sustainability and strong commitment to service delivery.

There are three service options depending on your business needs:

  • commingled (mixed) recycling – a scheduled collection on Tuesday and/or Thursday (choose one day or two, depending on your business needs)
  • glass recycling – an on-call collection
  • food waste and compostable items collection – a scheduled weekday service

We'll pick up your recycling from an agreed location that's mutually convenient. In other words, a location that works for you and for us – our trucks and collection team need easy access to the pickup point.

To join our commercial recycling service or find out more, please fill out the form below. We'll be in touch to discuss the options with you, and which of our services can best support your business. In some cases, our rated kerbside collection may be more suitable. This is the collection funded through your annual property rates. For this service, we require a signed agreement with the owner of the property.

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Commercial recycling service options

Our commercial recycling services are invoiced quarterly, with the exception of the rated kerbside collection service, which is included in your annual rates bill. All prices listed below exclude GST.

Commingled recycling

  • clean paper and cardboard
  • clean cans and tins
  • clean hard plastic containers

We offer 80-litre and 240-litre wheelie bins at $6 per bin, per scheduled visit.

This service operates on Tuesday and/or Thursday and offers flexibility as you can choose the frequency of collections.

Glass recycling

The glass recycling service requires the customer to sort the glass by colour: clear, brown, and green. We'll provide you with a wheelie bin or crate for each colour. Simply contact us to pick them up when they're full.

We offer:

  • 45 litre crates
  • 80 litre or 240 litre wheelie bins

For the 45 litre or 80 litre options, the callout charge is $6 per visit. For the 240 litre option, the callout charge is $14 per visit.

We're also able to provide a customised service, with different sized bins for different colours of glass. Please contact us for pricing if you're interested in this option.

Food waste and compostable items collection

This service operates daily and offers flexibility as you can choose the frequency of collections.

We accept:

  • food scraps, including meat bones and coffee grounds
  • paper towels
  • certified compostable packaging

We take your food waste and use it to make compost at the Awapuni Resource Recovery Centre. The compostable packaging must adhere to our required standards. We can advise you on this.

We offer 80 litre and 240 litre wheelie bins at $6 per bin per scheduled visit.