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Civic Awards

The annual Civic Awards are the city's highest recognition for voluntary service, honouring those who give up their time to ensure community groups and organisations tick.

Photo shows the four recipients of the 2020 civic awards.

Palmy's 2020 Civic Award recipients. Clockwise from top left: Val Bolter, Paul Patel, Phil Pirie and Brian Watt.

Nominations are now open for this year's awards

Palmy is enhanced by people doing more than their share of community service. Each year, Palmerston North City Council honours outstanding, innovating and enduring volunteers. Know someone who deserves to be honoured? Nominate them by Sunday 15 August.

The awards have three criteria:

  • The service carried out by the nominated person must not be a professional service or a service they undertake in the course of their paid employment.
  • Volunteers of any age can be nominated, and citizens can be nominated for the quality of their commitment or the length of their service to a sector or community.
  • You are welcome to re-submit nominations that have been unsuccessful in previous years.