Parking night patrols to stay

Published on 26 January 2021

Parking officer issuing a ticket to a car illegally parked in a mobility parking space.

Parking wardens carrying out night patrols have been permanently added to Palmerston North City Council's services.

A trial of night patrols began in August last year after Councillors asked that the feasibility of an after-hours service be investigated.

Head of Environmental Protection Services Kerry-Lee Probert says the wardens will be enforcing all parking rules to ensure the community has both accessible parking available and safe roadsides.

Examples that could draw the attention of our wardens include parking in a mobility park without a visible permit, parking on yellow lines, parking in a cycle or bus lane, or a vehicle not having a current warrant or registration displayed.

"It is important that as a community we are respectful of others, parking appropriately and safely – this means after usual business hours too," Probert says.

Parking infringement Potential fine (dollars)
Parked in a mobility park without the correct permit 150
Parked on broken yellow lines 60
Parked on a footpath 40
Parked over a vehicle entrance 40
Double parked 40
Parked in bus stops and taxi stands 60

App available to report misuse of mobility parks

Access Aware, developed by CCS Disability Action and SaferMe, can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple Store. It is for use by everyone in the community to support the availability of accessible parking for those who need it.

Access Aware allows you to report mobility parking abuse in real-time, so our parking officers can monitor use and respond when needed. The app also lets you know where to find mobility parks in the city.

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