Glass recycling collection to resume on Monday 9 May

Published on 04 May 2022

Closeup of person putting glass jars in their recycling crate.

All kerbside glass recycling collections will resume on Monday 9 May, after a temporary suspension due to driver shortages during the Omicron outbreak. 

The Council’s Resource Recovery team thanks Palmy residents for working with them over the last month and are pleased to have secured additional driving staff to allow for this service to resume.

Residents are asked to continue working with the Council to safely clear through any backlog of stored glass from the past month. Drivers already collect around 1000 glass crates a day and so they may not be able to pick up all of the backlog in the first collection cycle.

Residents who have stored glass from the last month are asked to fill their PNCC glass crate to the top over the next few fortnightly pickups to get through their backlog. It’s important that crates aren’t overfull because if glass falls out on the kerbside or driveway, this will cause a safety issue for residents and Council staff, as well as cause significant delays to drivers.

For those residents who have no room to gradually top up their crates safely without glass falling out, it is suggested that they ask their neighbour if they have any room in their PNCC crate, or that they take their glass to one of the recycling drop off points at Ferguson Street, Awapuni, or Ashhurst. If neither of these are possible, drivers will (for the next two fortnightly pickups) empty one additional plastic container or crate of glass. However, these must have handles for staff to safely pick up and cannot be much bigger than the PNCC glass crates or they may become too heavy. Putting extra crates out will considerably increase the workload to drivers so residents are asked that they only do this if absolutely necessary and explore the other options suggested here first.