Caccia Birch Trust and Council form transition group

Published on 02 September 2021

A beautiful historic homestead with manicured gardens set among trees near the lagoon.

A smooth transition and collaborative approach are front of mind for both organisations.

Caccia Birch Trust Board chair, Grant O’Donnell, believes the groundwork involved in the transfer of Caccia Birch to Palmerston North City Council can largely be completed before the annual general meeting in November, following initial meetings with Council staff.

“We have established a working group across both organisations to ensure a seamless transition. This is working well and we are encouraged by the commitment of Council officers to the welfare of existing staff and to preserving the heritage values and reputation of Caccia Birch.

“The terms of four of the trustees are due to expire at the next AGM. Since the board’s focus is on a smooth transition, the trustees unanimously voted to extend the date for the AGM, and those trustees’ terms, to provide more time for the board to facilitate the process,” says O’Donnell.

Council’s Chief Customer Officer, Chris Dyhrberg, is also positive about the transition following the appointment of an independent project manager.

“We are working collaboratively with the board and employees to ensure all aspects of the Caccia Birch operation is captured and understood. We have employed an independent project manager to oversee the transition and work across both organisations.

“We understand there are lots of moving parts to consider during this transition including, the heritage, grounds, day-to-day venue hire and service delivery. Our project manager will capture all this information so we can make the transition as smooth as possible. We’re committed to upholding the services and relationships going forward so the stakeholders and clients can rest assured knowing it will be business as usual,” says Dyhrberg.

The Caccia Birch Trust Board final statement of intent was presented to Council yesterday.

The statement is a legal requirement for Council-controlled organisations. During the transition period, the board is responsible for the day-to-day running of the property.

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