Building consent for minor building work

Thinking about insulating your external walls, putting in a new shower or building a garage? We've been working to simplify the process of applying for building consent for renovation projects like this that can be categorised as minor building works.

As long as your project meets our criteria, it will incur a fixed fee - so you can have more certainty about the cost of your project before you start. You can see all the fees here: Building Services fees and charges

You can use the checklists on this page to see what criteria you need to meet. Please complete the relevant checklist and submit it with your building consent application.

Use these checklists to support your application for building consent for fixed fee minor building works

K1: Residential – Demolition/Removal of existing residential building or outbuilding(PDF, 36KB)

K2: Commercial – Demolition/Removal of existing building(PDF, 36KB)

K3 – Conservatory (proprietary): Placed on existing deck or platform(PDF, 42KB)

K4: External wall Insulation, installed by removing wall linings(PDF, 38KB)

K5 or K6: Install additional sanitary fixtures into dwelling with timber subfloor or concrete floor(PDF, 45KB)

K7: Remove non-load bearing wall, with a brace element(PDF, 38KB)

K8: Remove load-bearing wall(PDF, 41KB)

K9 or N1: Level Entry Shower, timber subfloor or concrete floor(PDF, 44KB)

N2: Stormwater to Council services(PDF, 42KB)

N3: Unlined Non-Habitable Detached Proprietary Garage/Outbuilding(PDF, 72KB)

N4 or N5: Freestanding or Insert Solid Fuel Heating Appliance(PDF, 46KB)

N6: Swimming Pool & Pool Fence(PDF, 44KB)