Parking in Palmerston North

Monday March 2 2015

We provide parking meters and parking buildings in the central business district. Find out where they are, what it costs, and how to lease a parking space at any of the Council's carparks.

Parking charges and hours

In Palmerston North, parking meter charges are applied from Monday to Saturday inclusive. Parking is free until 11am on Saturday, and all day on Sunday and public holidays.

Parking fees and time limits are subject to change. The fee and time restrictions are clearly displayed on the meter's screen. Read the screen before making a purchase to ensure you pay for the time intended.

Chargeable hours at the meter

  • Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 5.30pm
  • Saturday: 11am to 3pm

The maximum fee payable is $1.50/hour.

Metered parking on-street offers a range of time limits so it’s always best to check the signs and payment information at the meter. We are currently running a parking trial in the central city which allows you to park all day in some metered spaces provided you pay. These parks are clearly marked with P$ All Day signs.

Council advises all people making payment at the meter to check the fee on the screen before making payment. It is also advisable to print a receipt on completion of each cash purchase at the meter. A receipt is automatically printed when making payment by TXT or Credit/Debit Card or when paying at a meter which operates as a 'Pay & Display' meter.

Find a Council carpark

There are various areas within the city that are controlled by blue P signs, normally with a time restriction. For example, P60 means you can park for 60 minutes. When a fee applies, the sign will have P$ on it, indicating you can park and must pay at the meter. As a motorist it is your responsibility to comply with all road rules. Please ensure you park and comply with the parking space conditions of use.

Use our interactive map to see all Council car parks and time limits, including the location of mobility parks 

To help you with the interactive map there are two icons at the right top of the map. These are:

Parking Legend Icon Click to be able to see the legend for the symbols and
colour used on the map; and    
Parking Layers Icon Click to be able to turn on/off different components of the map

Please ensure you check the signs when you park as conditions may change.

Lease a carpark

Secure your own parking space by leasing a carpark from the Council.

See our parking fees and charges at the bottom of the page to find out how much it will cost to lease a weekly parking space for your car and where our lease parks are located. We offer five-day and six-day lease parking: Monday to Friday, or Monday to Saturday.

To apply for lease parking or for more information, email

Faults and maintenance

We aim to ensure all parking meters are working and well maintained. If you notice a faulty machine that needs attention, please contact us as soon as possible with as much information as you can. It will help us to know:

  • The meter ID number
  • The location of the machine
  • The time and date the problem occurred
  • Details of the problem

Call us on 06 356 8199 or 0800 483 987. The 0800 number and the meter ID number are displayed on all parking meter screens and stickers on the side of every parking meter.

When to contact us for help

Please contact Council on 06 356 8199 or by emailing for any of the following situations:

  • If your parking meter is not working, the signs or markings do not appear accurate, or parking space numbers or sensors are missing
  • You see vehicles parked incorrectly, illegally, or contravening the Palmerston North Traffic and Parking Bylaw 2011
  • Additional mobility car parks: please note that additional mobility car park spaces will be considered if there are none available within 200 metres of your destination and the requested location is safe and practicable for users
  • If you want to request additional loading zones, short-term parks, motorbike parking
  • If you are hosting an event and want to use paid parking areas

Palmerston North parking objectives

Primary objectives for on-street parking:

  • Facilitate the primary and identified use of the road
  • Maintain high occupancy levels, with a  target of 85% but below 95%, in support of efficient land use
  • Maintain a flexible parking supply which caters for and supports economic vitality and vibrancy
  • Maintain a parking supply that is balanced and supports active and public transport

Primary objectives for off-street parking:

  • Maintain high occupancy levels, over 90%,in support of efficient land use
  • Maintain a flexible parking supply which caters for and supports economic vitality and vibrancy
  • Maintain a parking supply that is balanced, equitable and supports active and public transport