Infrastructure strategy

Our Infrastructure Strategy is our roadmap for how we’ll manage our infrastructure, when and how we will do the work, and how much it will cost.

In the next 30 years, we will need to address some significant infrastructure issues. These include –

  • Supporting growth and liveability in our city
  • Delivering the levels of service that you’re used to receiving
  • Managing the deteriorating condition of our aging assets
  • Responding to risks and resilience issues from climate change and natural hazards
  • Responding to challenges from increasing standards of compliance

Diagram shows the capital expenditure for the next 30 years

Draft Infrastructure Strategy(PDF, 1MB)

Key infrastructure projects

Nature Calls wastewater project

Seismic upgrades

Upgrades to community facilities

Providing infrastructure for residential growth

Replacement/refurbishment of existing assets

Central Energy Trust Arena upgrades

Te Motu o Poutoa Anzac Park

Food waste collection

Social housing

Roading renewals and improvements, and walking and cycling improvements

Drinking water upgrades and stormwater resilience

Palmerston North Integrated Transport Initiative – which is a range of transport projects in our city centre, and in our growth areas like Te Utanganui. These include safety improvements, cycleways, a new bus terminal in the city, city centre transport upgrades and longer-term projects to support freight movements around our city through an ‘outer ring road’. This work is done in partnership with the NZ Transport Agency – Waka Kotahi.