Our vision, goals and plans

We know Palmerston North is a great place to be and we want people to enjoy living, working, visiting and doing business here. To ensure that’s the case, we have a vision that sets the direction for all the work we do.

Our vision for the city is: He iti rā, he iti pounamu. Small city benefits, big city ambition

At the heart of our vision is ensuring every resident is able to enjoy the benefits of living in a small city, with all the advantages of a big city. That means we’re known for having a great quality of life while at the same time offering the lifestyle, education and business opportunities available in much larger cities.

To ensure this is achievable, we break it down to 4 goals.

Our Oranga Papaioea City Strategy describes the vision and goals in more detail

Everything we do is about the economic, cultural, social and environmental wellbeing of communities now and in the future. Our Oranga Papaioea City Strategy helps prioritise the investment and resourcing of our services and facilities so that everyone is well supported and can thrive.

An important part of our strategy is you having the opportunity to provide input into decisions!

Our 4 goals

An innovative and growing city

Whāinga 1: He tāone auaha, he tāone tiputipu

Goal 1: An innovative and growing city

Ngā hua | Outcomes:

  • a city that fosters pride, and supports the aspirations of people and communities
  • a business environment that encourages investment and delivers career opportunities in a range of sectors
  • enough land and infrastructure to enable housing development and business growth
  • the efficient movement of goods and services alongside safe and affordable transport options for people
  • a globally connected city that fosters opportunities for local people, businesses and organisations
  • an economy that embraces innovation and new ideas and uses resources sustainably
  • a resilient, low carbon economy

A creative and exciting city

Whāinga 2: He tāone whakaihiihi, tapatapahi ana

Goal 2: A creative and exciting city

Ngā hua | Outcomes:

  • a vibrant city that connects people and where creativity is built into our cityscape
  • an arts community and cultural facilities that are well supported and invested in
  • our unique heritage preserved and promoted
  • opportunities to celebrate our many cultures
  • access to exciting well-managed events and activities throughout the city and our neighbourhoods
  • places across the city and its neighbourhoods for communities to participate in play and recreation

A connected and safe community

Whāinga 3: He hapori tūhonohono, he hapori haumaru

Goal 3: A connected and safe community

Ngā hua | Outcomes:

  • access to services and facilities that are inclusive and appropriate for their needs
  • the support they want to live healthy lives
  • access to healthy and affordable housing
  • opportunities to contribute to the design of their city
  • access to safe and accessible community places
  • opportunities to contribute to Council decision-making

A sustainable and resilient city

Whāinga 4: He tāone toitū, he tāone manawaroa

Goal 4: A sustainable and resilient city

Ngā hua | Outcomes:

  • a sustainable, low-emissions city
  • a resilient city and communities, prepared for the impacts of climate change
  • a circular economy with more resource recovery and less waste
  • a healthy, thriving ecosystem, including native biodiversity and food security
  • the Manawatū River and waterways restored to a healthy, respected and connected state
  • sustainable urban planning with a low-carbon built environment
  • a safe, affordable, sustainable and resilient water supply
  • effective, low-carbon, wastewater collection and treatment
  • appropriate infrastructure and development to avoid and minimise the effects of flood events
  • access to relevant information and education to support more sustainable choices

We break these goals down into 14 plans

Our plans have actions and projects to ensure we meet our vision and goals.

This diagram shows the 14 plans linked to our city strategy. They lay out how we will achieve council's vision.