Five facts to know about our long-term plan

We know there’s a lot to read in our proposed long-term plan. Here are the 5 key things you need to know. 

Number 1.

Cost increases, including interest rates on our debt, inflation, insurance, electricity and software account for an 8% increase in Year 1 before we even started looking at the legally or critically required work we need to do.

We’ve cut a lot of initially proposed budgets and new projects to get Year 1’s rates down to 11.3%.

We can assure you that we believe we've considered every expense to keep rates down. 

Number 2.

We’re continuing to look after our community, with investments in housing, community facilities, transport and water.

Number 3.

The amount of work we’re legally required to do in regards to water, growth and seismic upgrades means we’re looking into alternative funding and different financing options to be able to do this essential work.

Number 4.

We’re proposing moving to a new hybrid rating system.

This means 70% of activities funded by general rates would continue to be funded by the land value general rate, and 30% would be funded by a targeted rate on capital value.

Read the options and use our search tool to see what the options mean for you. 

Number 5.

We’re here to answer questions, and to listen.

Please come and chat to us at one of our many sessions.

Make sure you have your say and ensure your voice is heard to help shape our city's future.