Other policies for feedback plus supporting information

On this page you can read all the supporting information for our long-term plan. We need your feedback on some other topics, too!

How we engage you in our decision making

All councils are required to have a Significance and Engagement Policy. The policy governs how we determine the importance or significance of an issue, proposal, or decision, and in turn how we’ll engage with our community as part of the decision-making process.

Draft significance and engagement policy(PDF, 495KB)

Māori contribution to council decision making (draft)(PDF, 223KB)



Our updated revenue and financing policy

The Revenue and Financing Policy outlines how we plan to fund the operating costs and capital expenditure for each of the Council’s activities. It guides our approach to setting fees and charges and rates.

It shows for each Council activity the proportion of the cost we expect to recover from user fees and charges, and the proportion to be funded from rates.

Draft revenue and financing policy(PDF, 488KB)

Our rates remission and postponement policies

Council has a series of policies that enable rates to be remitted or postponed in a number of situations. These policies have recently been reviewed with minor changes proposed.

A new policy is proposed to cover situations where residential ratepayers face hardships as a result of proposed changes the Council makes to the rating system.

We review these annually.

Draft rates remission and postponement policies(PDF, 418KB)  

Supporting information for our draft long-term plan

Activity text and budgets(PDF, 10MB)

Financial strategy  2024-34(PDF, 551KB)

Infrastructure strategy 2024-54(PDF, 1MB)

Long-term plan 2024-34 disclosure statement(PDF, 380KB)

Rating system, rates and funding impact statements(PDF, 1MB)

Significant forecasting assumptions 2024-34(PDF, 278KB)

Items considered but not included(PDF, 218KB)

Read more about our infrastructure strategy

Read more about our financial strategy