What is a long-term plan?

Our long-term plan is the blueprint for making sure Palmy is a great place to live, work, visit, play and do business. 

It’s our roadmap that shows the services, projects and priorities for taking care of our city and community for the next decade. Our plan helps us determine what work the Council needs to do, when, and how much it will cost. It also helps us determine what your rates will be in the coming years.

We review our long-term plan, in consultation with you, every 3 years to make sure it’s still meeting Palmy’s needs. 

Each year we do a check-in which we call our Annual Budget. We see what we’ve achieved and see if our priorities remain the same or need altering. You get to have your say on this each year too, usually in March.

Our website will be updated on Monday to outline the big parts of the puzzle – the challenges, the finances, and what it means for you. We want your feedback on our plan as a whole, but there’s also a handful of topics we especially want you to weigh in on to make sure we get it right.

These include reviewing our rating system, upgrades to or new community facilities, and seismic upgrades to our city centre landmark buildings like Te Manawa and Central Library.

Diagram showing how we arrive at our long-term plan and all the components that are involved.