Memorial seats and trees

Photo shows a chair with plaque under a tree

You can request a memorial seat with a plaque, a tree, or a picnic table on this page.

A commemorative feature can be a seat or a tree with a plaque. You can apply to place a memorial feature in any council park or reserve, with the exception of

  • cemeteries
  • Te Marae o Hine – The Square
  • Manawatū River Shared Pathway
  • roads
  • footpaths.


Memorial seats are ordered and supplied by us.

Costs vary depending on the location and allocated seating for that area. Prices range from $2,000 to $4,000, and includes the seat, concrete pad and installation.

Please Note

With donated memorials, Palmerston North City Council can’t guarantee that the memorial will be there forever. Vandalism, reserve development and furniture renewal can all mean that the memorial may need to be removed, relocated or replaced in the future.

Apply for a memorial

Click here to view form.