Rates for 2024-25

We’re proposing that for 2024-25, rates will continue to be made up of a portion that has fixed charges (like recycling or water charges) and a portion based on the rateable value of the property. 

Fixed charges

The charges below are for our 'preferred' hybrid rating system. They will change depending on the rating system selected.

This table shows the fixed charges.
Charge type Charge  What it pays for 
Water  $427 The cost of providing water 
Wastewater $384 The cost of treating and disposing of wastewater
Kerbside recycling $144 The cost of kerbside recycling
Rubbish and public recycling $62 General rubbish and recycling costs, including transfer stations, cleaning up illegal dumping, community education
General $200 Contributes to paying for all other Council services and helps ensure all properties contribute a more equal share of cost rather than it all being based on the land value

All properties are charged the general and rubbish and public recycling charges. Those who have access to the other services are also charged for them.

Non-residential properties are also charged a wastewater charge based on the number of toilets they have and are billed separately for water they use, which is metered. 

Examples of rates you may pay for your home or business

These examples are based on our preferred option following our rates review, which proposes some changes to the rating system.

Read about the rates review

Our preferred option would see the introduction of a new targeted rate for transport and economic development based on the capital value of a property, with the general rates remaining based on land value.

This change would see approximately 30% of the general rate being transferred from the land value to the capital value base. 

We're only showing a few examples here so it's important you read about the rates review to determine the impact for you, and to give feedback.

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Some examples of rates you may pay for your home or business.

Non-residential examples do not include any rates for wastewater based on the number of toilet pans or water charged by meter. The proposed charge per pan is $384. Metered water is charged on the basis of a fixed amount (depending on the size of the connection) and the balance by volume used. Increases are proposed for metered water. The examples do not include the rate for central city commercial properties to fund the Palmy Business Improvement District.

What your rates cover each week

This is based on a residential property with a land value of $468,000 and a capital value of $739,000. These are costed on our 'preferred' hybrid rating system.

Infographic showing the cost of council services equates to $66.58 a week for the average ratepayer.