Palmerston North has a great history of markets. Whether it's a farmer's market, craft market, or flea market, markets play a vital role in building entrepreneurs. They're also great places for people to bump into each other and increase the liveability of a neighbourhood.

Markets are a powerful tool to bring people together in public spaces

Regular public markets don't just bring buyers & sellers together. They create 'bumping spaces' for neighbours to socialise with each other and build stronger community ties.

Some of the benefits that markets can bring

  • Opportunities for financial independence
  • Reinforce a 'buy local' culture
  • Reduce 'food deserts' in places with poor access to cheap, fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Be a testbed for young entrepreneurs and makers
  • Create a place to draw people to an area and support bricks and mortar businesses

Things to think about if you want to start a market

  • Is there a local space that could be big enough and visible enough for a market?
  • Is there enough power and hard surface to host markets all-year round, whilst having greenspace opportunities for expansion in the summer?
  • Is there a type of market that isn't already on offer that could help fill a gap in the community? E.g. Car-boot markets or children's markets.
  • Who can be part of the team to make it a success? Is there a local business precinct that could help guide the growth of the market?

Check out the Project for Public Spaces Main Street Guide to Markets for how to make a successful market through placemaking principles.