Council & City

Council surveys

We use surveys to find out what residents think about Palmerston North City Council services.

The Residents’ Survey is an independent survey that Council does every year. The results help Councillors and staff provide better services.

In 2019, KeyResearch Ltd surveyed 800 residents. The questions focused on asking how satisfied residents are with Council and our services. The sample was randomly selected to reflect the neighbourhood, gender, ethnic and age structure of the city.

In 2016, we asked residents about Council and our services through a series of focus groups. These involve more detailed face-to-face discussions with 55 randomly selected residents. We focused on young people and people with low incomes, because their views are often harder to get.

Overall, the results shows that most people are satisfied with the Council’s services.

We use the results for all of our planning, especially the 10 Year Plan.