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Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, People’s Republic of China

Kunshan signed a friendship city agreement with Palmerston North in 1996. It is based in the Yangtze River Delta, which is the most economically developed area in China. With Shanghai on the east and Suzhou on the west, it is the gateway of Jiangsu Province in the east.

Kunshan has an estimated population of 1.6 to 2 million, one state-level economic and technological development zone, three provincial-level development zones and 10 administrative towns.

The total GDP of Kunshan was 316 billion RMB, and it was listed number one of all Chinese county-level cities in 2016.

Photo shows a lake in a city park in Kunshan.

Kunshan is a liveable, garden-like city and strives to create an open and inclusive cultural environment and promote international connections.

It is one of the most visited tourist destinations among the Yangtze River Delta, with over 20 million visits in 2016. Attractions include the Ancient Water Towns.

Common interests with Palmerston North

Kunshan was one of Palmerston North’s most active relationships in the 1990s and early 2000s, but was less active until a Mayoral-led city delegation visited Kunshan in 2017 to revitalise the relationship and explore possible education links. A group of Palmerston North education providers visited Kunshan in 2018, and now education connections are beginning to grow.

Duke Kunshan scholarship opportunity

Duke Kunshan University, based in Kunshan, offered a full undergraduate scholarship for a student from Palmerston North to study in Kunshan. The scholarship was awarded to local student Krista, who is now serving as Palmerston North’s Youth Ambassador to Kunshan.

This generous scholarship offer has been extended to Palmerston North again for 2019! Contact the International Relations Office if you are keen to know more about this opportunity.