Council & City

Social housing development

In 2020-21 we’ll be adding another 28 units to Papaioea Place, taking the entire complex to 78 units.

In the past two years we've already completed 50 new homes on the site.

The properties are open plan and future proofed for any potential mobility or agility needs. They’re also double glazed and well insulated, securing 4-star Lifemark certification.

Construction of the last 28 units started in autumn 2020, with the project due for completion in 2021.

The big picture

We want to ensure a healthy community where everyone has access to healthy, safe and affordable housing and neighbourhoods. The Council provides warm, safe and affordable housing to people on low incomes who are superannuitants, have long-term disabilities, or experience barriers to renting in the private market.

This project formed part of the following four Council plans for 2018-21: Housing and Future Development Plan, Safe Community Plan, Social Housing Plan, Urban Design Plan. These plans have been incorporated into our revised strategic direction following Council's adoption of a new 10-Year Plan in July 2021.