Lease a Council carpark

Council offers lease parking at a number of convenient central city locations. We lease parks on a monthly basis, and you can choose a five or six-day term: Monday to Friday, or Monday to Saturday.

On this page you'll find information about the location and cost of our lease carparks, an application form, a cancellation form, and answers to commonly-asked questions.

For anything else, please email

What's happening to lease parking under alert levels 3 and 4?

We cannot put your parking space on hold and will not be offering refunds or reduced fees.

If you wish to cancel your leased park, please fill in and submit the termination form at the bottom of the page. We will waive the one-month stand-down and adjust fees accordingly.

Please note, if you reapply for lease parking in future, we're unable to guarantee you a park in the same location.

Photo shows map of Council-owned lease parking locations in central Palmerston North.

Map of lease parking locations. Lease parking is shown in red on the map.

Cost of Council lease parking

Location [click address to see on a map]

Monthly cost: Five days a week 

Monthly cost: Six days a week 

Berrymans Lane $110.75 $125.67
82 Campbell Street $75.31 $90.13
303 Church Street $110.75 $125.67
317 Church Street $110.75 $125.67
63 King Street $110.75 $125.67
12 Linton Street $75.31 $90.13
312 Main Street (by Globe Theatre) $75.31 $90.13
339 Main Street (next to Harvey Norman) $110.75 $125.67
551 Main Street (next to ACC) $110.75 $125.67

As well as the carparks listed above, we offer access-controlled lease parking in two other locations, on different weekly terms:

Apply for a lease carpark

To apply, simply submit our online form and we'll be in touch.

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Cancel a parking lease

Terms and conditions

  1. One month's notice is required to terminate a leased carpark agreement.
  2. We'll inform you of the termination date once we've processed your cancellation.
  3. The leaseholder must return the leaseholder card and/or access fob to Council. Failure to do so will incur further rental charges until they are returned.
  4. By submitting this form, you are instructing Palmerston North City Council to cancel the leased carpark stated on the form. 
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