Victoria Esplanade Pathways

Choose from two different pathways depending on your ability and your mood.

Photo shows family walking along on a limestone pathway underneath leafy trees.

Both walkways are surfaced with fine gravel and start from Victoria Esplanade. Carparking, toilets, picnic areas, BBQs, cafe, paddling pool and playgrounds are nearby.

Walkway A (Red)

Choose Walkway A to explore the heart of a native bush remnant unique to the Manawatū plains. You'll gain the added pleasure of native bird songs and the gentle flow of the nearby Manawatū River.

Track Difficulty Rating: 2  3  4  5   (1 = easy : 5 = difficult)

Distance:  1.35 kilometres

Contour:  Flat with minor undulation

Walkway B (Yellow)

Choose Walkway B for an easier, open pathway leading through the Esplanade's delightful developed gardens and native bush. Open lawn and established shade trees form an ideal spot to lay a picnic blanket and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere.

Track Difficulty Rating: 1 2  3  4  5   (1 = easy : 5 = difficult)

Distance: 0.9 kilometres

Contour: Flat

Motorised trail bikes or vehicles are not permitted on any walkways. 

Dogs allowed on leash. Please keep your dog under control at all times and pick up after your dog. 

Symbol - Dog-On-Leash Dogs must be on leash