City Centre Play

Man works out on outdoor gym in Te Marae o Hine.

We’re making it easier to play in the heart of our city!

We’ll be working with you to bring fun play activities into the heart of Palmy. 

Whether you’re 4 or 84 we’ll make sure there’s something for you.

At first you’ll see pop-up play activities for you and your whānau and visitors to have fun with and in time we will be looking at more fixed/installed play opportunities. 

Play is so much more than just a playground. Over the past few years, we’ve had outdoor gyms, hopscotch, giant chess, a basketball hoop and musical instruments all in Te Marae o Hine and we’ve loved hearing your laughter as you have fun outside playing together. 

That inspired us to look at rolling out more options each year, which brought this programme to life. 

These fun play objects will encourage people to spend time outdoors, bring people into our city centre to support local businesses, improve your mental and physical wellbeing and help us create a vibrant heart to Palmy.

This programme focuses on our city centre (between Princess, Pitt, Ferguson and Grey streets) but at times we may have some things at the Railway Land too. 

We’re going to work with you to narrow down options for play. Make sure you’re following our Facebook page for updates and to vote on options you want to see.

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Strategic connection

Our City Centre Play programme helps bring to life the Council strategies and plans that will help us reach our goal of being a creative and exciting city. Check out our Creative and Liveable City Strategy, our Active Communities Plan, and our City Shaping Plan. 

Our day to day guiding documents for this important work include our City Centre Framework and our Play Policy.