Check to see if your property has a protected tree on it

This page lists the location and details of all trees protected under the Palmerston North District Plan. These are known as notable trees.

Street names are listed alphabetically. Expand the relevant section to see if your property is included. Each section also includes assessment reports. These provide more detailed information about a tree or group of trees on a property, along with its score and recommended maintenance. 

Any work on a notable tree must be carried out by an experienced contractor.

Notable trees on privately-owned land

A to B

Albert Street, 80: Rata

Albert Street, 360: Golden Elm

Albert Street, 399: Northern Rata

Batchelar Drive, 130: Karaka grove

Batchelar Research Centre: Oak

Botanical Road, 375: Kōwhai

Buick Crescent: Tōtara, Beech

Notable trees A-B(PDF, 5MB)



Cambridge Avenue, Ashhurst, 166: Italian Cypress

Cambridge Avenue, Ashhurst, 283: Lime

Church Street, 98: Oak

Church Street, 313: Rata

College Street, 318: Oak

Church Street, 512: Norfolk Island Pine

Notable trees C-D-E(PDF, 3MB)


Featherston Street, 9: Norfolk Island Pine 

Featherston Street, 263: Turkey Oak 

Featherston Street, 576: Tulip Tree 

Ferguson Street, 636: English Oak 

Fitzherbert Avenue, 127: Oak 

Fitzherbert Avenue, 161: Blue Atlas Cedar 

Fitzherbert Avenue, 179: Deodar Cedar 

Fitzherbert Avenue, 189: European Beech, Japanese Maple, Karaka, Rimu, Tōtara 

Fitzroy Street, 29: Camperdown Elm 

Fitzroy Street, 70: English Oak 

Fitzroy Street, 74a: Copper Beech 

Florence Avenue, 91: Weeping Wych Elm

Notable trees F(PDF, 8MB)

G to L

Grey Street, 183: Phoenix Palm

Ihaka Street, 38: Oak

Limbrick Street, 90: Red Flowering Gum

Lincoln Street, Ashhurst, 25: Tōtara

Linton Street, 58: Tōtara

Lombard Street, 61: Pōhutukawa

Notable trees G-L(PDF, 4MB)


Main Street, 863: Oak

Margaret Street, 21: Giant Redwood

Moerangi Street, 30: Coastal Redwood

Mulgrave Street, Ashhurst, 94: Rata

Notable trees M-N-O(PDF, 2MB)


Pahiatua Street, 40: Chinese Windmill Palms, Ginkgo Biloba

Park Road, 117: Black Beech

Park Road, 121: Oaks

Park Road, 123: Oak

Pastoral Lane, 3: Oak

Pastoral Lane, 10: Oak

Pioneer Highway, 632: Black Beech

River Road, Ashhurst, 19: Miro, Tōtara, Kahikatea

Ruahine Street, 229: Holly

Notable trees P-Q-R(PDF, 6MB)


Salisbury Street, Ashhurst, 128: Oak

Seddon Street, 11: Norfolk Island Pine

Slacks Road, 34: Northern Rata

Slacks Road, 68: Hoheria, Karaka, Mahoe, Pseudopanax, Tarata, Ti Kouka, Titoki, Tōtara

South Street, 46: Kōwhai

Staces Road, 167: Tōtara (multiple)

Stanley Ave, 3: Black Beech

Notable trees S(PDF, 7MB)

T to Z

Te Awe Awe Street, 47: Oak

Te Awe Awe Street, 82: Kānuka, Scarlet Oak

Te Awe Awe Street, 88: Himalayan Cedar

Te Awe Awe Street, 96: Oak

Te Matai Road, 7: Cottonwood Poplar

Tremaine Avenue, 666: Phoenix Palms

Victoria Avenue, 155a: European Beech

Victoria Avenue, 240a: Red Oak

Victoria Avenue, 254: Liquidambar

Notable trees T-Z(PDF, 6MB)


Notable trees on Council land

STEM reports for some trees on Council land are listed below. For a comprehensive list, see the District Plan.

Caccia Birch: Beech, Canary Island Pine, Deodar Cedar, Flowering Gum, Irish Yew, Tulip Tree, Wisteria

Centennial Drive: Eucalyptus, Natives

Kelvin Grove Cemetery: Pin Oak

Milverton Park: London Plane

Pastoral Lane Road Reserve: Ginkgo Biloba

Te Awe Awe Street, 130: Elm, Oak

Notable trees on Council land(PDF, 7MB)