Cuba Street redevelopment

Image of aerial view of Cuba Street with vehicles parking on roadside

We have created a people-friendly route that connects Central Energy Trust Arena to the city centre.

Cuba Street has several features to encourage people into our inner-city streets, encouraging people to actively spend more time in the city and enjoy our shops, cafes, restaurants and events.

The street puts people first by providing:

  • Wider footpaths.
  • Trees and green spaces.
  • Outdoor dining areas.
  • Better street lighting.
  • Public seating.
  • Angled car parking.
  • Narrower road – slowing motorists and making it safer for everyone.

Vehicle speeds dropped by 10km/h when we completed stage one in 2019, showing this work made the street safer for all road users.

Breathing life into an old street

Check out these videos with some of the businesses on Cuba Street during construction, who are excited for the upgrades to breathe new life into their historic street.

Mr Models

Small Wonders

Viva Café and Bar Turkish

We're transforming our city centre

Our plans for Cuba Street are covered in more detail in the City Centre Framework. In this document you can see how they fit with some of our other ideas for the city centre. You can also take a look at our City Centre Streetscape Plan which details our plans for the spaces and streets around The Square and Broadway Avenue.


Cuba Street, Palmerston North Central   View Map

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