Te Marae o Hine – The Square

Image shows the clock tower and the square at Palmerston North city centre.

We’ve been working with Rangitāne on how we tell the significant history and meaning of our city centre and they are a key partner in all of these city centre projects.

One of the projects coming up over is some important drainage work around the clock tower. For many years, the limestone has become mushy in heavy rain, which means this popular seating area is far less appealing for our residents to spend time in. We’re going to add some drains in, and then use concrete instead so the area can be enjoyed year-round.

We’re working with Rangitāne on having some storytelling elements involved in this project. 

Do you know the difference between Te Marae o Hine – The Square and The Square?

In 2020, we made the important decision to start using both Te Reo and English names for The Square.

Te Marae o Hine has great value for our tangata whenua, and it’s important to us that we recognised this. Te Marae o Hine – The Square refers only to the park aspect; the streets around the park are still known as The Square. This is an important difference particularly if you’re trying to post something!


Te Marae o Hine – The Square, Palmerston North Central 4410  View Map

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