Central Energy Trust Arena proposal

Image of artist's impression of a stadium and surrounding sports fields

We’re proposing to replace Arena 5 at the Central Energy Trust Arena, as well as build new turfs, toilets and changing blocks.

Our Central Energy Trust Arena is home to more than 3,000 events each year, bringing in more than $100M to our local economy annually.

We’ve already completed upgrades to the facility – with new speedway pits, an entrance plaza, and an artificial turf. The next stage of work proposed is replacing Arena 5 on the corner of Cuba and Pascal Streets, before demolishing the current Arena 5 venue. Arena 5 is home to Barber and Bell Halls, Waldegrave Lounge, Gym and Speedway offices.

The buildings are deteriorating quickly and no longer fit for purpose for community needs. Barber Hall needs seismic repairs before 2034 if it is to remain in the current location. The new facility will be a multi-use indoor stadium, able to accommodate a wide variety of community activities and community sport to meet the growing demand.

We’re also planning on building a new artificial turf. We'd seek co-funding for this.

We'll also realign the back fields, with all turfs then shaped like a quad. Around them there will be new changing room facilities, toilets, storage, shelter for spectators, and trees situated throughout. These turfs will be designed for multi-use, including rugby and football. The sporting community has been asking for more turfs to help meet the demand for school, casual, training and competition sports. Clubs will be able to use the new turfs for sports and events for all ages.

We would complete the artificial turf first, with work starting later this year and next. The work around the other turfs would occur in Years 2, 3, 5 and 6. Replacing Arena 5 with a new building would occur in Years 2, 4, and 5.

Our draft long-term plan has the costs of this project at $36M over Years 1 to 6. All of our Central Energy Trust Arena facilities have hire fees, which means that while we pay the upfront cost of the development, revenue also helps contribute to the maintenance of the facility.

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