Palmy, say farewell to planter boxes!

Published on 30 May 2022

Group of adults and primary school kids biking along a cycleway that uses planter boxes to separate them from the cars.

People travelling along Main Street today will see our contractors Fulton Hogan preparing for a temporary cycleway barrier.  

Scheduled work in Milson this week is unable to go ahead because of rain. Our contractors instead have started removing the planter boxes to prepare for the temporary solution.  

Last month Council voted to replace the planter box trial with a permanent separated cycleway. 

Until the permanent design is ready, a temporary barrier consisting of flexible poles is being installed to keep people on bikes safe. The temporary solution will only be installed between Pitt and Lyndhurst/West Streets. Traffic management will be in place as they are installed.  

Both these solutions are being funded through existing budgets. The temporary solution will be able to be used in other parts of the city once the permanent solution is in place. We'll be talking to businesses and residents in the area about a permanent solution later this year.  

Chief Infrastructure Officer Sarah Sinclair says the council has also committed to not using the planter boxes on Palmy’s roads again.  

The planter boxes will be stored at Council facilities, and we'll provide another update once we’ve confirmed how to reuse them.   

Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency funded 90% of the Main Street trial, which was part of our vision to create a separated cycleway that connected the Longburn shared pathway to our inner city. 

With wet weather forecast for most of the week, Ms Sinclair is encouraging motorists to drive with care across the city this week.