Several Palmy projects on the table for government funding package

Published on 13 September 2022

Council's HQ is a brutalist concrete building typical of the early 70s.

Council last week confirmed how it proposed spending some of the money it will be receiving from the government as part of the Better Off programme associated with three waters reform.  

Part of the transition to a new service delivery model for drinking, wastewater and stormwater services includes a $2.5 billion government funding package to support councils through the financial impacts of the shift. Palmerston North’s share of the Better off funding package is an $8.16 million payment this year and $24.48 million in 2024.  

There were strict requirements for how this funding can be spent by local councils. This includes accelerating or enhancing already programmed and planned work that will benefit community wellbeing, or new projects not currently included in our 10-Year Plan. 

Earlier this year, two workshops were held with elected members to identify and discuss options for inclusion in the funding proposal. There was a strong desire for supporting projects that will create a legacy for the city. In Council last week, elected members confirmed the following six projects for the proposal, ahead of the 30 September deadline: 

  • Investigations and design for housing developments at Summerhays, Huia Street and in the City Centre: $1.5 million 

  • Construction of housing at our Summerhays site: $4.6 million 

  • Detailed design and consenting work for Te Motu o Poutoa development: $1 million 

  • Investigation and design of a multicultural community hub: $500,000 

  • Upgrade of Te Hotu Manawa o Rangitāne Marae wharenui and wharepaku: $500,000 

  • Rangitāne Better Off funding resource: $500,000 

The programme of projects is called Turuki Tūāora, which means “to progress the foundations of wellbeing”. It was named in conjunction with Rangitāne, with whom we’ve worked closely throughout the process.

We will provide an update when we hear back about whether our proposal has been accepted.  


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