Palmy's food scraps collection trial

Image shows a food scraps bin on the grass

Find out about our trial looking at how we can reduce the amount of food scraps that go to landfill. If you're part of the trial, find everything you need to know about using your food scraps bin below.

Food scraps make up a large portion of Palmy’s divertible waste, with the average household throwing out more than 5kg of food each week! When food goes to landfill it rots and produces methane, a greenhouse gas which is super harmful to our environment.

We’re rolling out a 5-month trial to come up with a city-wide solution for food waste in the future. Households on 14 streets in Palmy will be provided with small food scrap bins which will be collected each Wednesday and taken to our Awapuni Resource Recovery Park for composting.

The food scraps collection trial will begin on 29 March and will run through to 30 August.

General information

What streets are doing this trial?

  • White Horse Lane, Westberg Road, Anders Road (Westbrook)
  • Shamrock Street, Karamu Avenue, Kowhai Avenue, Birmingham Street, Mahoe Avenue (Takaro)
  • Clarke Avenue, Pembroke Avenue, Rothesay Place, Strachan Way, Amberley Avenue (Highbury)
  • Rosedale Crescent (Cloverlea)

Can I take part in the trial?

No, sorry. We have selected participating streets to cover a range of demographics and living situations, and they all have collections occur on Wednesdays, which is our least busy collection day. We want to make sure these additional collections don’t impact too heavily on our current rubbish and recycling service levels.

Why are we doing a trial?

We need to reduce the amount of food waste that goes to landfill as its super harmful to our environment. Also, in the future, there’s a possibility that all councils will be required to introduce food waste collection services, and when this happens, we need to be ready with how much a service like this will cost the city and how effective the service will be at reducing how much we send to landfill. The results and feedback from this 5-month trial will help us come up with a city-wide solution for food waste in the future.

How can I waste less food?

Information for participants

When will the bins be delivered?

Bins will be delivered to houses from 20 – 22 March.

What if we don’t want to be in the trial?

If you want to opt out of the trial, please give us a call on 06 356 8199, visit our Customer Service Centre at 32 The Square, or email with your street address. We’d also appreciate it if you’d briefly let us know why you’re opting out.

My neighbour also has a kitchen caddy, why didn’t I get one?

We have supplied only a certain number of kitchen caddies for the trial to test assumptions. If you aren’t supplied with one, you can use something like an ice cream container.

When will the food scrap bins be collected?

Bins will be collected each Wednesday starting on 29 March. Please ensure your bin is placed out on the kerb for collection by 7.30am (not before, to reduce the risk of animals getting into it).

What can go in the bin?

Image shows food waste that can be put into the food scraps bin.

  • Fruit and vegetable scraps
  • Pasta and rice
  • Dairy products
  • Coffee grounds and tea leaves
  • Eggs
  • Cooked meat, fish and bones
  • Nuts and cereals
  • Bread and grains
  • Indoor cut flowers
  • Paper towels

What can’t go in the bin?

Image shows food waste that can not be put into the food scraps bin.

  • Raw meat and bones
  • Oils, liquids and chemicals
  • Bin liners
  • Garden waste, soil and rocks
  • Tea bags
  • Plastic bags or packaging, including compostable and biodegradable packaging
  • Cigarette butts
  • Food wrap e.g. cling film, tin foil
  • Glass, metal or other materials
  • Cloth and clothing
  • Compostable straws
  • Sanitary products, nappies and pet waste

Where should I keep my bin?

Store the bin outside but somewhere secure, if possible, to reduce the risk of animals getting into it. And make sure you lock the lid, by placing the handle in the upright position.

How do I clean my bin?

  • Rinse out your bin once it’s emptied.
  • If you clean your bin on your grass, it will stop the bits going into the drain, and add nutrients to your garden instead.
  • Freeze smelly food scraps like meat or fish until collection day. 
  • Sprinkle baking soda over the bottom of the bin. It helps soak up smells.
  • Or, chuck in coffee grounds and slices of lemon.

Why can’t I put compostable or biodegradable packaging in my food scraps bin?

There are a variety of different products that claim to be compostable or biodegradable, however, in order to be composted properly, they need to meet certain composting standards. Many of the products claiming to be compostable are unsuitable for our process. Biodegradable, or degradable products are often not compostable full stop.