Palmy's food scraps collection trial

Image shows a food scraps bin on the grass

Our food scraps collection trial ended on Wednesday 30 August.

Food scraps make up a large portion of Palmy’s divertible waste, with the average household throwing out more than 5kg of food each week! When food goes to landfill it rots and produces methane, a greenhouse gas which is super harmful to our environment.

We rolled out a 5-month trial to come up with a city-wide solution for food waste in the future. Households on 14 streets in Palmy had small food scrap bins which were collected each Wednesday and taken to our Awapuni Resource Recovery Park for composting.

The last day of the food scraps collection trial was Wednesday 30 August.

If you were participating in the trial and didn’t put your bin out on the final day, please empty and clean it and then drop it off to our Ferguson Street Recycling Centre.