Hearing: KiwiRail notice of requirement

This hearing relates to KiwiRail's notice of requirement to designate land for constructing and operating a new intermodal regional freight hub near Palmerston North.

This hearing finished on 15 October 2021. The commissioners’ recommendation has now been received and KiwiRail has until 5pm on Monday 11 April 2022 to advise Council whether or not it accepts or rejects the recommendation in whole or in part.

The Council must then serve the notice of the decision from KiwiRail on everyone who made a submission and landowners subject to the Notice of Requirement within 15 days.

From here any appeals on the decision need to be made to the Environment Court within 15 working days.

You can find the original notification documents, submissions, technical evidence and other reports received before the hearing on the KiwiRail freight hub page.

Procedural minute number 6: 29 November 2021(PDF, 117KB)

Memorandum Of Counsel on Behalf of KiwiRail 5 Nov 2021(PDF, 4MB)

Hearing documents

Joint memo of counsel on behalf of KiwiRail Holdings Ltd and Palmerston North City Council reporting officers: 7 May 2021(PDF, 51KB)

Procedural minute number 1: 12 May 2021(PDF, 197KB)

Memo to hearing panel: 18 June 2021(PDF, 189KB)

Procedural minute number 2: 5 July 2021(PDF, 142KB)

Memorandum of counsel for Dr Whittle and Dr Fox: 8 July 2021(PDF, 2MB)

Memorandum of counsel on behalf of KiwiRail Holdings Ltd: 12 July 2021(PDF, 21KB)

Memo to hearing panel: 12 July 2021(PDF, 194KB)

Procedural minute number 3: 12 July 2021(PDF, 215KB)

Joint memorandum of counsel on behalf of KiwiRail and Transpower: 23 July 2021(PDF, 29KB)

Relevant planning instruments Kiwirail NoR: 26 July 2021(PDF, 745KB)

Memorandum of counsel assisting the reporting officers re hearing preparations: 2 August 2021(PDF, 195KB)

Hearing schedule notice: 3 August 2021(PDF, 104KB)

Memorandum of counsel on behalf of KiwiRail: 6 August 2021(PDF, 20KB)

Recommended Conditions Reporting Officers 6 August 2021(PDF, 904KB)

Update hearing schedule: 6 August 2021(PDF, 107KB)

Procedural minute number 4: 19 August 21(PDF, 114KB)

Evidence statements 


Transport evidence: Mark Georgeson(PDF, 1MB)

Planning evidence: Karen Bell(PDF, 1MB)

Visual simulations: 6 August 2021(PDF, 2MB)

Landscape and visual evidence with appendices: Lisa Rimmer(PDF, 29MB)

PNCC Reporting Team

Reporting Officers Evidence Addendum Ecology(PDF, 146KB)

Joint witness statements

Joint Witness Statement Lighting 6 August 2021(PDF, 1MB)

Joint witness statement acoustics: Nigel Lloyd and Dr Chiles(PDF, 200KB)

Joint witness statement: Landscape and Social Impact(PDF, 369KB)

Tabled evidence

G & K Woodfield: 12 August(PDF, 2MB)

Fire and Emergency New Zealand(PDF, 139KB)

Ministry Of Education(PDF, 190KB)

KiwiRail freight hub: Proposed conditions [interim version 13 August](PDF, 598KB)

ABC boundary change Local Government decision on MDC and PNCC draft reorganisation scheme(PDF, 3MB)

16 August

Aorangi Papakainga 16 August(PDF, 113KB)

CEDA and Central NZ Distribution Hub Stakeholders: submissions 12 and 63(PDF, 2MB)

Friedrike Lugt: submission 68(PDF, 717KB)

Central NZ Distribution Hub Strategy CEDA(PDF, 5MB)

Ian and Andrea Richie: submission 75(PDF, 563KB)

Manawatu District Council: submission 51(PDF, 270KB)

Nga Kaitiaki O Ngati Kauwhata Incorporated: submission 14 power point(PDF, 3MB)

MidCentral District Health Board Public Health Service: Submission 94(PDF, 658KB)

Nga Kaitiaki O Ngati Kauwhata Incorporated: submission 14(PDF, 1MB)

Peter and Helen Kinaston: submission 27(PDF, 1MB)

Rochelle and Rex McGill: submission 7(PDF, 677KB)

PMB Landco Brian Green Properties and Commbuild Property Ltd: submisssion 45(PDF, 182KB)

Tutaki (2019) Ltd: submission 13 power point(PDF, 1MB)

Zaneta Park: submission 24(PDF, 194KB)

Aorangi Papakainga: submission 3 power point(PDF, 2MB)

18 August

Danelle O'Keefe and Duanne Butts: submission 72(PDF, 2MB)

Danelle O'Keefe And Duanne Butts: submission 72 power point(PDF, 6MB)

Powerco: submission 48(PDF, 2MB)

Powerco: submission 48 power point(PDF, 391KB)

David Odering: submission 98(PDF, 87KB)

David Odering: submission 98 power point(PDF, 3MB)

Dale O'Reilly and Peter Gore: submission 61(PDF, 5MB)

Dale O'Reilly and Peter Gore: submission 61 legal submission(PDF, 1MB)

Rangitāne O Manawatu: submission 69 power point(PDF, 941KB)

14 September

Mereti Taipana Submission 44(PDF, 75KB)

Submissions Of Counsel For Dr Fox And Dr Whittle(PDF, 7MB)

Fox Whittle Appendices Part 1(PDF, 11MB)

Fox Whittle Appendices Part 2(PDF, 5MB)

Fox Whittle Appendices Part 3(PDF, 11MB)

Fox Whittle Appendices Part 4(PDF, 13MB)

Fox Whittle Appendices Part 5(PDF, 11MB)