E-waste recycling

Our Ferguson Street Recycling Centre accepts household batteries, appliances, mobile phones and other e-waste for recycling.

E-waste is one of the most toxic types of waste in the world. Many e-waste items contain elements that can be recycled, but also chemicals that can leach into our soil and waterways.

By using our e-waste service you will be sending your unwanted electronic item to a processing plant where it is dismantled in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way.

Recycle these items free

We charge a fee for other e-waste.

Pay by cash or Eftpos.

E-waste recycling fees


CRT $40

flat panel $25

Computer monitor

CRT $17

LCD $12



Keyboard, docking station, hub, modem, switch, or router $4
UPS power supply $5
Speakers (stereo or computer) $4 each
Stereo or car stereo $7
DVD, CD or VCR player $7
Printer (inkjet or laser) $15

small/medium $50

large $70

Fax machine $15
Vacuum cleaner $12
Microwave $12
Heater $6
Toaster, kettle, or blender $6
Washing machine or clothes dryer $29
Dishwasher $29
Miscellaneous consumer electronics $3 per kilo