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KiwiRail regional freight hub

KiwiRail is proposing to develop a new intermodal rail and freight hub near Bunnythorpe.

Earlier this year KiwiRail lodged a Notice of Requirement to designate land for constructing and operating the freight hub. Submissions were invited and closed on 26 March. A hearing is currently underway.

Project info

More information about this project is available on the KiwiRail website.

What is Council’s role?

Council is responsible for processing the Notice of Requirement to designate the land for the freight hub.

This process operates under the Resource Management Act and is similar to a resource consent process. The Council will be required to hold a public hearing on the Notice of Requirement, at which experienced independent hearing commissioners will hear from KiwiRail, submitters, and expert reporting officers engaged by Council.

If you have any questions, about the project, please email the KiwiRail project team at

If you have any questions about the process to designate the land, please contact Craig Auckram, PNCC Senior Planner at 

Notice of Requirement and supporting information

You can access the notice and supporting information below, or view hard copies at the following locations: Ashhurst Library, Bunnythorpe School, Feilding Library, Palmerston North Central Library, and the Palmerston North City Council customer service centre.

Volume one: Notice of requirement form and accompanying plans

Volume two: Assessment of environmental effects and appendices

Appendix F: Multi-criteria analysis report and supporting documents

Volume three: Technical assessment reports and appendices

Further information: S92 requests and responses

First request and response

Council officers reviewed the Notice of Requirement and identified a number of areas where more information is needed to understand the effects of the proposal. We issued a further information request to KiwiRail on 14 December 2020, which you can read here.

KiwiRail provided a response on 15 February this year.

These documents weren't submitted with the s92 response, but are referred to:

Second request and response

We issued a second request for further information on 28 April 2021:

Third request and response

We issued a third request for further information on 7 May 2021:

Council reporting team technical reports for hearing

Below are Council’s section 42A technical reports on KiwiRail’s Notice of Requirement. These reports consider submissions, and information provided by KiwiRail, on a range of technical topics relevant to the Notice of Requirement. Each report contains an executive summary which captures the conclusions and recommendations of the author.

Key documents referred to in the technical reports

KiwiRail technical reports for hearing

Submitter evidence for hearing

KiwiRail rebuttal evidence

KiwiRail legal submissions